Learn About Gas Tungsten Arc Welding

Gas Tungsten


Welding process varies where it depends on the, both, tools and techniques that are used. Some welding process has an automated process where it makes the user easier to do the welding process whereas some other process is just very difficult since it can only be done manually and needs lots of time to master it. All types of welding process actually has the same purpose which is to cut metals. However, since each process requires a different tool and technique, there are some differences on it. For example, the plasma arc welding is mostly an automated process which provides a clean cut with little defection if there’s any. On the other hand, GTAW welding which is also known as TIG welding is more complex since it requires a manual work by using some subtle tools to begin with.



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GTAW itself stands for gas tungsten arc welding which is basically another type of welding that uses gas for creating the electric arc. Some of us may find it hard to differentiate the gas tungsten arc welding with the metal inert gas arc welding. Both of welding processes are basically the same but in term of gas tungsten arc welding, it uses tungsten instead of metal inert gas. However, when it comes to GTAW, people that even on the welding industry for a long time find this process to be more difficult than other processes. This is because this type of welding uses two tools at the same time and grants a full control of the welding process to the user. Therefore, if we are looking for an automated machine for cutting metals then it is not recommended to use the gas tungsten arc welding.


Result and Safety


In term of result, it strictly depends on the skill of the welder therefore it is possible that the result even better the cut made from the plasma cutting process. However, if the welder is not skillful enough than it has a high possibility for the result to be not perfect. When it comes to safety, it is important to be noted that this type of welding produces what’s known as the UV light hence a goggle is strictly needed