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Keeping Your Comforter in Top Condition

I’m sure you have ever envied any hotels for able to keep their comforter like new. Sometimes, you even think that they have specific laundered for their comforters. There is the regular down comforter with feathers filling and the alternative with synthetic filling. Different price reflects the difference in quality.  And that also means different way on maintaining it. However, getting a cheap comforter doesn’t mean it’ll be cheap to maintain. And the same goes for the expensive one.



Get to Know the Material

Different type of material will give you a different result. Of course, many people prefer a regular comforter because it tends to be softer and last longer. The material affects your maintenance cost. No, it doesn’t mean how much you have to allocate for dry cleaning. It’s more about how well do you know the material. Is it suitable for all year around? Or do you have to put extra padding for the winter? A higher cotton thread will mean the fabric will be softer, and also easier to clean.


Stain Cleaning 101

Always have a bottle of vinegar ready. Vinegar or lemon juice could help you work on any stain. Well, it’s the acid that helps to reduce the stain. You have to apply them before the stain dwells too long and stuck in the fabric. The comforter is relatively easy to clean. You can just shove your comforter into your front-loading machine. Letting it breathe and out in the air for a couple hours at least twice a year is also good to keep your comforter fluffy.


Taking care of your comforter is very easy thing to do. When you know the material and what you look for in a comforter, maintenance will be a very easy thing to do. You can always count on your basic knowledge of the fabric to know how to keep it for a long time. A good comforter can last you for years to come and you will never regret a single penny you spent to purchase it.